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[at-l] history - was (no subject)

In a message dated 4/13/2005 9:53:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
spiriteagle99@hotmail.com writes:
Then, of course, Wingy added insult to injury by suing ATC over the wording 
of some of their literature.  Wording which, by the way, came from the 
original Philosophers Guide.

           Hmm, who's doing the revisionism here? I heard Wingfoot sued over 
words that he wrote that were then used in the Companion after they had frozen 
him out of the process. I think the main reason he sued was because he was 
jerked around after volunteering his efforts for a few years (as Weary mentioned 
but Jim somehow omitted).

           The prejudice Weary speaks of is probably best seen in the total 
omission of the campaign drives Wingfoot volunteered well beyond most internet 
Trail members. These drives were cited and commended by ATC members as well as 
other credible organizations. I haven't seen any other individual make such 
an intense effort for the AT. But someone using the slur "Wingy" is probably 
not going to tell the full story if it gets in the way of their personal 
resentment of a man who felt compelled to promote the Trail's total purpose beyond 
the chat level. The real disagreement here isn't his profiting from a handbook, 
it's because he challenges hikers to respect the Trail's purpose. I personally 
believe that justifies the meager support his guidebook provides - which 
probably funds his Trail information website.


        "That may change in the next couple years, too.  
Wingy's been handed a freebie for a number of years and nobody has figured 
out exactly why."

               It couldn't possibly be because ATC respects his advocacy 
efforts? Nah...