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[at-l] 42

There was another book I read about the same time taht positioned that the
main character found the messiah in a barn somewhere in the midwest I think.
I mean...where else would you find him? That was college, there was beer

Arghhhhhhhhhhh. It was a one word title. What is that book?


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> The origins of how "42" became important is toward the end of "Hitchikers
> Guide to the Universe" I just listened to the Audiobooks version, which
> pretty good way to inhale the book while driving around South Georgia.
> The meaning of "42" as the answer to the question of Life, the Universe
> Everything comes in a subsequent book.
> Do not give that little pearl away.
> BTW, there is a movie in production of "Hitchiker's Guide" with a great
> trailer in theaters now.
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