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Ah, Clyde. No one offers more useful information than TJ, month after month. His problem is that he can't stand ever being  wrong. I once made the mistake of telling him, and you and others on the list, that his speculations about what AMC was going to do with its 37,000 acres in Maine's 100-mile-wilderness, were in fact total speculaTIONS.     Ever since I rarely have posted anything he hasn't attacked.

I don't really mind being wrong. TJ seems to be. But I agree totally with you. We should get beyond this. The critical problem facing the AT in Maine is not me, or TJ, or AMC, but the fact that millions of acres of land, once totally owned by paper companies and dedicated to growing trees to supply wood to paper industry mills, has now been sold to land investment companies and speculators.

If anyone thinks this is important, they can open:  http://www.matlt.org

There they will find a way to contribute to saving a few of the wild places that still exist along the trail in Maine.

Weary   http://www.matlt.org