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[at-l] reading mail reminder

>>Don't forget to stop the mail if you go hiking for a
>>week or it will choke 
>>you in basket.

I like to post this info once in a while as it helps
keep your mailbox free AND makes it easy to read AT-L
(and PCT-L, CDT-L), at least for me.

Anyway, if you don't want more mail in your mail box,
it is very easy to read the backcountry lists on-line.

Point your browser to:

Can sort mail by thread, date and author. pct-l and
cdt-l can be accessed this way, too.

Makes a quick and dirty way to read mail. I like
it...my in-box is easy to manage. Can skip the e-mails
very easily I do not want to read.

There is always digest mode, too. But, you only get
the mail once a day that way. Pipermail is nice
compromise between instant reading and not clogging
the inbox.

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