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[at-l] question: how's my $300 equipment list?

Okay, I think I have covered my bases.  If anybody sees anything I might have missed for my thru hike, please let me know.
Umbrella, one (1), $23, still under consideration is whether to take a collapseable that I can velcro to my pack or a bumbershoot with curved bamboo handle, Emma Peel autograph model, that will double as a hiking stick.
Gatorade, liquid, three (3) two (2) liter bottles, $11.
Gatorade, powder, one (1) ten (10) pound container, $38, in Bounce (or generic fabric softener sheet) box.
Dog, one (1), free, still under debate is Newfoundland or Shih Tzu.
Cell Phone, one (1), $55, non vibrating, ringer only, plays Rocky Top.
Gun, one (1), $18, Yancy Derringer snubnose two-shot over and under derringer, because I loved Brett Maverick as a kid.
Monkey, one (1), $74, Inspector Clousseau autograph edition.
Beans, twelve (12) pounds, $4, navy, with water and pot to soak them in.
Rope, Three Hundred (300) feet, $75, 3/8-inch mountaineering for rapelling practice.
Rope,  Twenty-five (25) feet, $1.75, clothesline.
Quarter, one (1), for phone to call for replacement batteries for cell phone.
Whatcha think?  Any last minute changes before I set out?
Kent Gardam

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