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[at-l] PSA

Yeah, but after several people posted  that the tests were unalterably benefits, I thought it might be useful for some to hear my experience and my investigation -- which isn't really terribly new. I first was alerted by an article in the AtlaNTIC mONTHLY several years ago. I've followed the issue since, discussed it with my doctor, talked to some of those who regretted the tests and resultant surgery, and those who see it as a life saver.

I deny, absolutely, that one has to believe everything a medical practictioner says. I'd be long dead now had not a physicians assistant alerted me to the fact that a deadly lung condition, which my cardiologist totally missed, was a common symptom of a very common medicine the cardiologist had prescribed.

Since the birth of the internet, and before, I've always investigated medicines i've been prescribed. Somehow I missed amiodarone, a common medicine for regulating heart beats, which the cardiologist told me was routine. I recognize the accuracy of his description. I'll never forgive his failure to recognize a deadly, and life-crippling, side effect.

I have considerable respect for OB, who has alerted us to many things of interest to thru hikers, though most are totally outside of his medical specialty. But once an issue is raised in an attempt to do good, those of us who may have knowledge of possible bad results, certainly should at least consider a response.


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