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[at-l] Newbe Question. Cellphone coverage

You're a case of Arrested Development, Dawg, let me just say, you've already been arrested and you just don't know it. 
The WATER POLICE are those little salamanders you see hiding in the spring.  They'll tell Mother Nature if you don't treat your water.
As for not filtering -- remind me not to walk too close behind you on the Trail.  
Outlaws by nature must think on their own.  And if they can't think, they can use the cell phone to call Mom or Dad for the answer to their thoughts.  (Even tho' I'm 60, I still call Dad for information about politics and finances and Mom for information related to English and Literature.)

The Outlaw Coosa Wails.
(couldn't resist)
Carol Donaldson
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  From: Gadog430 

  Hey Coosa,

  I think I am just going to play wild and loose wtih life and not filter my
  When should I expect to be arrested?
  What do you mean they don't have water police on the AT?
  They don't have any police you say? HYOH?
  That takes all the fun out of it...trying to dodge being an outlaw and being
  required to think on my own.


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  From: "Carol Donaldson" <carol1944@brmemc.net>

  RnR writes: "The AT's traceable and documented wilderness ethic is something
  elicits rage from those who are able to somehow discredit, ridicule, and
  ignore it, even though it is right out there in the open and a basic part of
  AT, its history, and planned design..."

                                 Hey, RnR, are we having fun yet?
                                 My newest cap is from Cracker Barrel and it
  reads: It's all GOOD.

                                 Even when I'm feeling down, it's a good thing
  to remember.

                                 Jason, Hike Your Own Hike.
                                 Shave or don't.
                                 Sing or don't.
                                 Carry a water filter or water purification
  tabs or don't (but expect Giardia, if you don't)
                                 NO GUNS on the Trail (but be sure you can
  'lock and load' at home if need be.)
                                 If Cell Phones are Outlawed, only Outlaws
  will have Cell Phones.

                                 I'm an OUTLAW for sure,