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[at-l] Re: (no subject)

Hey I expressed my opinion about what type of guide book one uses on a thru.  I 
spend a lot of time on the trail and I talk to a lot of hikers.  Guess what most of them 
don't know about the companion nor Dan's book.  Most of them don't know Dan 
Bruce or Wingfoot or ALDHA for that matter.  My opinion is what works for me.  I 
really don't give a rat's ass if it works for you are not.  I am tired of hearing that Dan 
and I are better than you and ALDHA.  I am tired of hearing about the trail 
community, because it is not the trail community I know and love.  Isn't it wonderful 
that there are all types of people on the trail,  Isn't it wonderful that the AT trail 
community can dispense information that works for them.  Isn't wonderful that most 
of the people on this list can respect someone elses opinion.  The latter is called 
tolerance.  There is damn site too little tolerance in the world today and I am tired of 
the pissing contest going on the list.  If you need to stroke your ego, buy a freakin' 
red sports car, or get yourself a trophy wife (Sorry ladies but most of the pissin' is by 
the males on the list), or something.  Give it a break, TAKE A HIKE.


Grey Owl