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[at-l] Re: at-l Wingfoot's Handbook

I think a person should get the book that they feel comfortable with.  For 
me, it is Wingfoot's guide, and I don't mind paying the price and letting 
him make the profit, because in my opinion he's done something more than 
what other books provide.  (Again, I say "in my opinion", and I don't expect 
or want everyone to agree with me.)  The information and the way it is 
presented just resonates with me and he never steered me wrong.  If you 
prefer another guide, then that's your choice and that's fine.  But don't 
anyone on this list tell me that I should buy a book I don't care for just 
to support a worthwhile organization, when there are many on this list who 
don't think twice about what company or what country your gear purchases 


> Thoughts on Wingfoot's Thru-hiker Handbook VS ALDHA's Companion: While it
> is true that the style of one may be more appealing than the other you
> should also consider who/what you are supporting with your purchase.
> Purchase of the Companion supports the ATC and ALDHA. Purchase of the
> Thru-hiker Handbook supports Wingfoot. Style, IMHO, isn't as important a
> consideration as supporting the trail and the organizations that maintain
> it. YMMV. In the end, neither will be entirely accurate as things change
> between press deadlines and when you get there while reading the printed 
> page.