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In a message dated 4/12/05 9:04:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time, ellen@clinic.net 

> His Thru-Hikers Guide contains all the essential information of the ATC 
> databook. 

The only good thing about Wingy's guide is the DataBook information. But 
according to the DataBook's editor, and according to Brian King of the ATC, Wingy 
neither asked for nor obtained permission to copy the DataBook's format. While 
TrailPlace's very own Weary uses weasel words to disinform, all unpredjuiced 
hikers know that the two ATC publications -the ALDHA Companion and the 
DataBook combined- provide better information, at lower cost, and that the purchase 
supports the Appalachian Trail. The Companion is compiled by volunteers who 
hike their sections and visit their service providers every season. Wingy's book 
is compiled via telephone, by someone has never seen many miles of the trail 
he writes about, never seen dozens of the shelters and hostels, never met the 
majority of service providers, and has very little first person knowledge of 
the Appalachian Trail that isn't at least several years old.