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[at-l] Kelty Trekker 4300

In a message dated 4/12/2005 7:04:40 AM Eastern Daylight Time,  
Bror8588@aol.com writes:

By  whom?  There are many who prefer the EF packs because with an   External 
Frame the load is separate from the body and provides for air  to  circulate 
between pack and body.  Also at the  Shelters/Lean-tos there are  places to 
hang an 
EF pack or even when  camping away from the official places the  EF packs can 
be hung on  tree branches.  Also they stand alone or with the  aid of a 


I guess by going to lighter weight equipment, we all made the external  frame
packs less usefull (They are good for carrying heavier loads). They still  
have their
place, but just not in my gear closet. I have no use for carrying a heavy  
load, my
body would collapse... LOL!     YMMV
But don't try carrying resupply items to an AMC hut in an internal frame  
hotdog AT 03