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[at-l] Re: (no subject) Well -- the Subject is Guidebooks

In a message dated 4/12/2005 9:23:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time,  
jbullar1@twcny.rr.com writes:

I  especially dislike those who started out doing a guidebook for 
the  organization then went out on their own using what they learned while  
working for the organization.

In many companies the work that is done while on the payroll belongs to the  
company.  They are the ones who provided the funds, the office space and  the 
direction or ambiance for the work completed.  The "product" belongs to  the 
ATC in the case of DBs guide.  If they wanted to they could go to court  to 
enforce their rights, or at least they could have when it was first  taken.  My 
guess (and it is only a guess since I was not a part of this  organization back 
then) is that the organization was loosely organized and  friendships 
developed while working gave up the idea of pursuing legal action  against a 
"friend."  A true friend of the ATC would not take their  files.
But as I said I came into this area just recently and perhaps there are  
others who know the scoop.