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[at-l] PSA

Since I mostly only lurk.....this is not big news.  I will be gone for  a 
Tomorrow bright and early..  I head off to the local hospital..... for  
prostate surgery.
In early January I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Things should  be 
fine...it was detected early and not spread.
BUT>>>>>>   a friend leaned on me to get a PSA  test last fall and that is 
how I found out.
I am 54 and this was the first test ever.     The  doctor told me in 2 years 
it would have been inoperative and in 5-7  it  would have..........
So anyone 50 or over  who was as foolish as me should make an  appointment....
So as the litany goes.........All Ye  AT Saints.....pray for me.