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[at-l] Money (The best things in life are free but........)


But I will stand by my roll of quarters, so you are hiking in MD and there it is the 
machine that dispense the elixer of life (will almost) and it says correct change 
$0.75.  So what are you going to do?  HuH?!!!!  Everyone wants to know (No this 
ain't a rank).  I pull out my ROLL OF QUARTERS and sell 3 for a dollar :-)

A roll of quarters is also great for throwing at bears.

Grey Owl

> No, No, NO to the roll of quarters! Of course, they do make a $5 roll, but many phones will take 
> a debit card, nowadays. I misunderstood the instructions in whatever I'd read before our first 
> hike, and I pulled a roll of quarters out at the laundromat. My hiking partner laughed for a week. 
> You can get change in machines at the laundromat. In fact, look around the laundromat before 
> you buy detergent. Especially look in the trash. My hiking partner and I have found enough 
> detergent left in bottles and boxes (or even a huge pile on the floor one day that we could scoop 
> enough off of the top) that we could do our laundry without spending money on that. 
> At most, a phone will need only 35?. Don't carry all those quarters. And Saunterer's suggestion 
> of a pre-paid phone card is right "on the money". A plastic re-loadable phone card weighs 
> nothing much. 
> anklebear