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[at-l] Sheltowee Trace

Anybody thru-hiked it?  Or a significant portion?  The backstory to this question is a friend of my brother is planning a 2007 AT thru-hike.  The only backpacking she has done was a week in New Zealand with her brother-in-law.  No shelter issues were involved, as they hiked cabin-to-cabin. The brother-in-law is an ultralighter who has her convinced that's the way to go.  My brother (who thinks her plan as it stands is nuts) wants to take her on a shakedown hike beforehand on the S.T., so she can decide for herself what gear, shelter etc. she's comfortable with.  I'm trying to get him to subscribe to at-l (and convince her to do so, as well) so he can ask more specific questions.  Thanks,