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[at-l] Money (The best things in life are free but........)

There are a number of options for the trail.  The first is hard 
cash in the pocket.  Don't leave home without it.  I seldom 
carry more than twenty or thirty dollars.  I shutlled one hiker 
who asked me to break a Hundred (I ask him for $5)!!  Way 
too much money.

Traveler checks are a no-no unless you can get them for free 
(Check out Triple A or your olocal credit union).  They can be 
replaced if lost, but usually you need some form of ID.  Many 
places in the south well take a personal check!!  This may be 
something that needs to be added to the companion.  
American express has a preloaded travel card that is not 
worth it as it costs you a lot of money to use at an ATM.  I 
would much rather go with some of the preloaded Credit cards 
(Master Card has one that you can Preload).

Credit cards are good.  I would never ever sign the back of 
one.  Mine says see other ID.  Horrible for Cash though.  That 
leaves us with a Debit Card.  As good as cash, most stores 
will take them without a second thought, easy to get cash 
from an ATM or post office.

My recommendation - a roll of quarters for pay phones and 
soda machines (and laundry), $40 cash and a debit card.  
Now if could convince th Treasury Department to make an 
Ultra-light Quarter :-)

Grey Owl