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[at-l] Re: (at-l] I managed to get a short hike in this weekend.

Small world, eh what? I have loved that place since my youth...which is many years in the past at this juncture. The book sounds fascinatin'; since you're done reading it, would you sell me your copy? Unless you want to keep it, of course. I could always buy one of my own. I plan to be at "Trail Days" next month, so if you're willing to sell it, and going there too...
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 > so I took her on a li'l hike in Philly...one of my favorite places: The 
> Wissahickon Valley. 
 > You would never know while you're hiking there, that you were inside > the city limits of a major metropolis, 
 A fellow in our town of Southern Pines here grew up near the 
 Wissahickon, complete with its mysterious history and cave of a German 
 mystic. He really loved it, and said the same thing as you. In fact, 
 he couldn't get it out of his head, and he eventually wrote a book set 
 there, a historical novel based on mostly facts about this mysterious 
 German, Kelpius. 
 I liked the book so much, I wrote a review of it for Amazon: 
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From: pmags at yahoo.com (Paul Magnanti)
Date: Mon Apr 11 00:20:26 2005
Subject: [at-l] CT info update
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Thanks to our very own Jest Bill, (who I never knew
lived in Denver!), updated my CO trail doc to reflect
a bus stop that comes within ~1 mile of the trailhead.

Doing a quick google search, looks like others got
there the same way. The bus schedule confirms it too.
Obviously, being a public transit company, the routes
are subject to change. 

Since I live in CO, was able to get a ride to the TH. 

The bus leaves just before 6am. Nothing like an early
start. :D

The link to my CO trail stuff (including the updated

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