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[at-l] Life affirming experience

Well I went hiking this weekend, but nowhere near to AT. 

My daughter had a Girl Scout campout and today, after we left earlier than we expected, we took them over to a State Park to 'let em run.' There is this gorgeous trail that goes up beside a stream, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. It's not a long trail, but we had only about an hour to kill. 

It was so great to have the opportunity to spend time with these young girls and try to get them turned on to being outside. They had a blast today, and Saturday for lunch we did backpacking dehydrated meals for a badge of different outdoor foods. Mountain House Turkey Tetrazini (sp)...very good. lol

If you have a chance to get hold of a young person...do it. It feels so good. 

BTW...they had a talent show last night...and it beat every single variety show I have ever seen. I never laughed so hard. They Boy Scout jokes were one after another.