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[at-l] Brand spankin' newbie

Welcome to the campfire.

Pull up a log & join in.

Hey, whoever has the smashmallows, pass em over.


BTW -- We are a group of friends who are rather like a campfire -- we tend
to talk about a lot of things and forget that new folk to the campfire
missed part of the earlier conversation.  So, we are not likely to bring up
a subject, unless something, or someone, brings it to mind.  And, at any
particular time, a member, with just the right answer for you might be off
list, hiking or whatever.

So, don't just sit back a listen, expecting subjects to just come up, or limit
yourself to the question/answers that come up currently.

There is an archive at




If you can't find enough discussion, or an answer there, ask a question.
If you don't get enough responses the first time you ask, ask again.  I 
suspect some folk miss the questions, or hold off when they have no major 
opinions on most of a group of questions, etc.

Also, IMHO, you tend to get better answers to single questions with an
indicator of the question in the subject line, rather than very broad
questions, which are hard for folk to get a hand around.

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Subject: [at-l] Brand spankin' newbie

Hi all!  I'm a newbie to this list, hoping to
thru-hike next year.  I have *no-absolutely-no*
hiking/backpacking experience, but I've always wanted
to do this.  I'm getting married this June and
starting college in the next couple of years, so next
year might be my only chance before kids and jobs and
other commitments tie me down.  I live in Maine, so
I'll be starting from the bottom and working my way
home.  I'm hoping for some great advice from more
experienced hikers, and maybe a buddy to get me
started when the time comes.  So, hi everyone!

 - Victoria

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