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[at-l] Credit vs. Cash and Buy vs. Mail

In a message dated 4/10/2005 6:52:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time,  
tsjuster@yahoo.com writes:

If I  bring credit, prices along the
way might be high enough to use up my cash  pool long
before I'm done.  Or stores might not want to accept
my  credit card with an out of state ID, especially
because I have a state ID,  not a driver's license.  If
I bring cash it could get lost, stolen, or  hopelessly
waterlogged until it turns to mush.

I'd like to hear  people's experiences with both
options.  What would you  recommend?

Well, having a credit card enables you to get cash as you hike on the trail  
and visit villages and towns.  You wouldn't have to get much -- just enough  
for the day or days you will be in town and little for the next stop before you 
 can use your card again.  Of course, you will have to budget your money  
(everyone seems to have a different amount that they need for this hike).   Come 
to The Gathering in Hanover, NH in October and listen to some of the people  
who are members of ALDHA who have completed the hike and who have loads of  
information and advice.  It does take money to live and the AT is a good  place 
to live for a few months.