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[at-l] Cell Phones on the AT

Figured a good call to 911 , with my gps info would pin point our location =>

On Apr 10, 2005 6:53 PM, snaps@grenadeboy.com <snaps@grenadeboy.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> (I know this is a sensitive issue with many hikers, so please don't flame
> this request.)
> I'm a tech contact for a good friend that's hiking the AT this summer. He
> flew out of Boston to Georgia yesterday and he's now on his way.
> I've built him a hikeblog that he'll be updating during the night by text
> message/email from his cell phone (the URL is below). I was curious about
> cell connectivity issues on the Trail. He wants to update every night, but
> I'm not sure if that'll be an issue or not. I'd like to let him know if
> there are any large patches that are out there where he won't be able to
> connect.
> About the site: It's not completely done yet, but I'll be working every
> night to get it done. It's usable in it's current state, but it's
> incomplete. You can check it out now, or bookmark it to see it when it's
> done (within the next two weeks):
> http://www.grenadeboy.com/
> I'll post to this list when it's finished, unless you'd rather I didn't.
> Thanks in advance for any input you might have!
> .snaps.
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