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[at-l] weekend

Hi Gang,
	Well I was all packed up to hike Crandon to Pearisburg this weekend 
but,,,, I checked the ATC web site and found out there was a cross cut 
saw training session at Sugar Grove. So I had a fun weekend there. 
Friday night I had the whole Konorock camp to myself. In the class we 
had maintainers from the GSMNP (Jerry) and Johnson City (John and 
Catherine). It was a very nice class with only 4 people there.
	I left two cases of sodas at Fox Creek Friday and then visited 
Partnership shelter. I met KB and SB nobo thru hikers and Tripod was 
there shuttling Hippie Long stockings. Lost of hikers have caught some 
crude again this year. The B's had a zero day at Partnership trying to 
recover. They were disappointed to be able to order pizza delivered to 
the shelter and not be able to keep it down :-(. I went back yesterday 
after dinner and they had moved on. I left a bunch of cookies. No one 
was there. I took a layed back drive home down highway 58. Now its 
time to get ready for work next week. Hey maybe I can do that hike 
this coming weekend.