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Body For Life, was Re: [at-l] Update on Longhaul

> ow, the 
> decision is to get back on the trail but not to wait until  next January to 
> begin to get in shape but to start NOW!  This Monday I will  meet with a 
> Personal Trainer who will give me some guidance and then I will  focus on getting 
> this blob of a body in tip top condition for a Thru.   After, it is MY 
> responsibility to get the job done

A good basic program to follow is Bill Phillip's Body For Life 
Program. I've been using it since the Trail to keep a modicum of 
fitness. I figure I only have one and I have to haul it around, it had 
better be functional. This one is simple enough I can commit to it.

Simple routine:
- Twenty minutes of cardio three times a week (I usually hit the 
trails behind my house and get out into these beautiful woods),
- weight training the other three times a week (alternating Upper and 
lower body). he suggests free weights, but I hit a local gym where 
friends are, and am in and out in 30 minutes (he suggests 45 minutes 
for maximum transformation, but as long as I'm strong enough to life 
my kayak on the car top carrier, I'm content).
The seventh day is a free day.

Also supplemented with a sane eating program (low-fat protein like 
chicken, fish, turkey, lean beef, eggs), a complex carb portion 
(potato, fruit like a peach, blueberries or apple, brown rice, two 
slices of whole wheat bread, oatmeal, etc) the size of one's fist, and 
a hefty portion of vegetables each meal - salads, peas, brocoflower, 
which also makes me chortle.

Complete with one "free" day a week to eat favorite foods like ice 
cream and pizza. yeah! That's why I can do it. I've pretty much kept 
my post-trail weight, although you can no longer bounce a roll of 
quarters off my butt.

The guy would also love for you to buy some of his nutrition shakes, 
but to his credit, he also tells you how to do it without. I use a 
Revival Soy drink and fruit in the blender some mornings when I'm in a 
rush. Phillips really seems sincere about getting people back into 
basic shape; I actually heard him speak recently, and he gives 10 
percent of his profits away to Make A Wish foundation. (After, I asked 
to see his abs, and he pulled his shirt right up!!! ha! Gotta love it.)
  Anyway, I'm sounding like a commercial, and that's not my intention. 
If you want a simple workout that hits all areas of the body, check it 
out - or not.

I probably spend four hours a week total on intentional fitness, and 
even exercise-hating me can do that. (AT hiking isn't "exercise" per 
se, it's travel).

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