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[at-l] Brand spankin' newbie

>Hi all!  I'm a newbie to this list, hoping to
>thru-hike next year.  I have *no-absolutely-no*
>hiking/backpacking experience, but I've always wanted
>to do this.  I'm getting married this June and
>starting college in the next couple of years, so next
>year might be my only chance before kids and jobs and
>other commitments tie me down.  I live in Maine, so
>I'll be starting from the bottom and working my way
>home.  I'm hoping for some great advice from more
>experienced hikers, and maybe a buddy to get me
>started when the time comes.  So, hi everyone!
>  - Victoria

Victoria,  Welcome to the list.  My first suggestion is that you get 
ou there and do some short backpacks.  Start with one or two nights 
on an easy section of trail.  Then work your way up to some sections 
in Maine on the AT.  Maybe a section in NH in the Whites since you 
live so close to them.  If you are comfortable in the Whites and 
Maine you should be prepared for much of what the trail can throw at 
you.  The big issue is dealing with the length of the trail.  Try a 
hike that takes up to 7 days.

As you progress you will have more specific questions.  Your gear 
choices will change often.  There is no one right way to hike the AT 
but there are lots of difficult ways.

I live in New Hampshire not far from Franconia Notch.  So keep in 
touch.  Does you fiance hike?  What is his experience?

Gabby Art Cloutman

Life is Good!!!
Art Cloutman