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[at-l] Extinction

Dear Backcountry List:

Let me say, "Thank you for your many colorful and vastly varying views on the idea that evolution is actually a religion not a science."  I enjoyed greatly, the large number of emails sent directly or indirectly (errors do occur) that supported my position or, as it was in some cases- graphically and personally opposed.

One writer asked what my introducing "Extinction" had to do with the trail, hiking or this list in general.  I point out that my response was originally toward another's assumption that we as a human race; will simply disappear and another life form evolve many years later.  I ended my response to that particular person with this thought:

God does say that, "It is appointed to ALL man to die; and then to be judged, for we ALL must appear and give account (to Him) for what we believed."  Because evolution and human reasoning in general; is based on everything being relative; including life and morality- you can naturally love creation for what "it" is and then die knowing that you knew creation.  I believe that when I die; I can stand before the One who created everything you and I hike on... and not be rejected.

As a veteran long distance hiker who was raised by an incredibly gifted scientist and inventor (who helped develop the avionics used in the Redstone, Gemini, Mercury and Apollo space programs); I had a front row seat watching all his latest theories on evolution crumble over a lifetime of scientific discovery.  Only months before my own father's passing; he rejected all that he was taught and came to acknowledge the intelligent creator Himself- Jesus Christ as the designer of our universe and indeed, we ourselves.

One last thought, in any community forum; I, as a fellow hiker, should have all the same opportunities to dialog subjects that are as dear to me and the many hikers who believe as I do... that evolution is not science... it is a religion.  You would be fascinated to know that I was with Pete Harley the last three weeks he walked on this earth.  Some of you may recall that he died of hypothermia on Mt. Madison.  We it came down to the very last days of his life; he was no longer just voicing opinions... he was seeking answers to questions from a source that he spent a lifetime refuting... the Bible.

I miss him.