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[at-l] Update on Longhaul

In a message dated 4/9/2005 1:13:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time,  TrailR@aol.com 

Sometimes success in one area comes at a high cost in  another.
We each have to decide if the cost is too  high.

Stupidity is difficult to measure when there is pressure to continue on  
(especially if there are others involved as partners or a group).  You paid  the 
price and you can write after your name the year and trail name you  completed 
the AT.
If I had continued on I probably would have had some serious complications  
(medically speaking) that I was not aware of at my point of exit.  Some  four 
months after I quit I experienced severe abdominal pain that resulted in  
surgery (removal of my Gallbladder).  I didn't know what was wrong with me  but 
when the pain got too difficult to bear I walked to a nearby MD and he  thought I 
might have had some other problem but rather than wait for tests  to come 
back he sent me to the Emergency Room and there they did a sonogram and  on the 
screen were these small little dots that turned out to be blockages in my  
ducts.  Out came the Gallbladder!  Since then I have felt pretty  good.  Now, the 
decision is to get back on the trail but not to wait until  next January to 
begin to get in shape but to start NOW!  This Monday I will  meet with a 
Personal Trainer who will give me some guidance and then I will  focus on getting 
this blob of a body in tip top condition for a Thru.   After, it is MY 
responsibility to get the job done but the PT may be able to  offer some good advice.  
The PT is a gift from a friend who loves me.  
Skylander Jack