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[at-l] Non-AT OT Hybrid Cars

In a message dated 4/6/2005 11:12:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
jestbill@yahoo.com writes:
All that means is that the cost of recharging (price of electricity) is much
lower than the cost of the gasoline.  Likely the difference is mostly taxes.

             ***    But don't forget the base price of a barrel of oil. The 
energy created by burning coal or natural gas probably involves mass production 
price scales that make the amount needed to boost plug-in batteries less 
expensive than oil. Also, electric motor propulsion is much more efficient than a 
combustion engine. 

Since highways are often financed with gasoline taxes, that difference will
have to go away if many people make the switch.  In fact, if average gas
mileage goes up dramatically for any reason, gasoline taxes will have to rise
or highway building will have to fall. 

            ***    Theory dictates that once demand drops the price should 

             Jestbill: If the taxes that support sprawl road building were no 
longer available I'd be all for it.