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[at-l] OFF TOPIC: Extinction?

At 05:15 PM 4/8/2005 -0400, Steve Adams wrote:
>You haven't proven God anymore than you have proven the Easter Bunny.

Steve, Believers don't work on evidence and proof, they rely on faith. 
Shorthand for "it is so because someone I choose to believe said so". They 
then insist that you accept it on faith because they said so. This process 
can continue for millennia without a shred of proof. Science on the other 
hand lasts only a long as it can demonstrate the accuracy of its theories.

RE: The book of Revelation. Those who have studied Bible history know that 
the book included in the Bible is but one book of revelation among many 
that were considered for inclusion in the Bible. I don't recall the exact 
number but 25 sticks in my head for some reason. They were written by 
ascetic monks who went out and sat in a cave on something akin to a Native 
American vision quest, meditating endlessly while eating little or nothing 
until they hallucinated. Then they wrote down their vision. So far as I 
know it was never recorded why the Revelation of St. John (not the same 
John who was a disciple) was chosen over the others when they put together 
an "Authorized" version around 300 C.E. (formerly A.D.) nor do we have any 
idea how many "revelations" were never considered for inclusion because the 
manuscripts did not survive long enough. Its choice probably had something 
to do with "faith".

P.S. To whomever wrote the subject line as "OFF LIST"... It wasn't. You 
sent it to the list. I changed it to OFF TOPIC. Perhaps I should have made 

P.P.S. To creemos@pgmradio.org, I meant I'd read the entire *Bible*, not 
your entire post. Not just once, but several times. BTW I haven't checked 
the specific verses he gives, but Greg's list sounds pretty accurate.