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[at-l] OFF LIST: Extinction?

On Apr 8, 2005, at 5:15 PM, Steve Adams wrote:

> Creemos,
> Reference your post, dated 04-08-05.
> Have you ever believed in Santa Claus?  Have you ever believed in The 
> Easter Bunny?  Have you ever believed in The Tooth Fairy?
Oh.. this is relevant.  If you like to listen to audio books on your 
hikes as I do I would highly recommend Me Talk Pretty One Day by David 
Sedaris**.  Actually I would recommend anything by David Sedaris - all 
his book are quite funny.

One funny note: I was listening to Me Talk Pretty One Day on a flight 
from Raleigh to Florida.  I think that most people that see you with an 
iPod probably think you are listening to music.  Well, at one certain 
part of the audio book I busted out laughing in mid-flight.  Talk about 
a lot of heads turning quickly in my direction!  I actually had to take 
my earphones out and say "I'm listening to a funny book" to settle 
people's nerves.

Next time I fly myself (except that Raleigh to Tampa in a Cessna takes 
a bit of time).

Actually the religion topic brings up yet another point.  I heard, many 
years ago, that trail minister angles have been known to provide Sunday 
services at some shelters for anyone who cares to participate.  Is this 
true?  It would be hard to beat the setting if so.


** Even though Mr. Sedaris and I hail from the same area (originally, I 
think he now lives in the UK) I am in no way compensated by sales of 
his work.