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[at-l] Update on Longhaul

Quite an adventure.  It is lousy when one cannot go forward due to  physical 
problems.  I had the same experience last year but when it  happened I was 
over three miles from a road (Gooch Gap Road) and I took the  opportunity to 
enjoy Justus Creek, while camping there hoping all the time that  my left knee 
would somehow get better with a couple of days rest. Without the  pack I was able 
to walk around (limping along) and I took the time to explore  the various 
campsites that have sprung up in the area.  It was exhilarating  to be deep in 
the woods (well, deep in that there were no roads stores in the  area) with 
enough food to sustain me for about five days and no time  expectations from 
anyone.  I did finally limp over to Gooch Gap Mountain  Shelter where the 
miraculous gathering occurred as hikers just showed up.   The next day -- a slow 
limping walk down to Gooch Gap gave me the realization  that my hopes needed some 
adjustment.  I thought that if I could spend a  day or two at The Hikers Hostel 
with Josh and Leigh Saint that my knee would  heal and I would be able to 
start again.  After a hot bath/soak and with no  improvement I requested a ride 
to Atlanta (to the MART station) and caught a  train to Atlanta where AMTRAK 
was scheduled to make a northern run to NYC.   What a great time it was and I 
look forward to returning in 2006.