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[at-l] Re: at-l Exotic meats (was Oh My!)

This was on the original instructions given for making scrapple.  I always used to freeze leftover chunks of beef & pork roast, as well as roast chicken or turkey.  When I made scrapple, or a product called goetta that I've only seen within about a 50 mile radius of Cincinnati, I would thaw out the cooked meat, grind it, and then make the scrapple or whatever.  Goetta is made with pin oats, available in many grocery stores but not the same product as rolled oats.   As to how you would tell if the boiled meat is done, presumably you would cut it into stew sized chunks which would cook relatively fast.  Then you would simmer the cooked ground meat, onions, spices, etc., and grain (oat or cornmeal).  It would be done by the time you
were through with it. 

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    How prepared- Boil each meat separately until done
  How can you tell if it is done?