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[at-l] Extinction?

Once upon a time, (okay, not even a year ago), a boy
and a girl spent a wonderfully romantic weekend in a
cabin in the Berkshires.

It was perfect...the nights were delightfully clear
and chilly, the bears were furry and cute, and every
leave seemed to tremble with the passion of their

On the way to the airport, they listened to a very old
Sam Kinison routine about video cameras and yuppies
filming themselves while making love. Kinison likened
these videos to "watching a polar bear with a head
cold"...at which point the girl turned and looked at
the boy's belly. 

She has denied it ever since....despite being caught
in the act. The polar bear tattoo is a reminder of
that day and weekend.

--- Shane Steinkamp <shane@theplacewithnoname.com>
> > I have a Polar Bear tattoo on the inside of my
> > ankle...does that help?
> Definitley.  Tell us the story.
> Shane