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[at-l] Exotic meats (was Oh My!)

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Subject: [at-l] Exotic meats (was Oh My!)

re: tripe


I would not say that is too exotic, depends on the
culture. Many of our recent Latino immigrants
essentially make that dish and call it "menudo". 

I remember it being, well YEECCH!. Perhaps 20+ yrs
later, I may enjoy it. 
I said I ate it; I didn't say I enjoyed it.  My work is to help university faculty 
members with their research proposals.  I fill out the paperwork, review or create the budget, 
make suggestions, track down government forms, upload files, etc.  One particular 
faculty member, who was Chinese, insisted on taking me to lunch as a "thank you" 
after a particularly difficult proposal submission.  He claims that his grandfather 
was highly placed in Chairman Mao's regime, and that he (the faculty member) was taught 
to cook by Mao's chef.  He and his wife picked me up and took me to a Vietnamese 
restaurant.  I like all kinds of foreign food, including Vietnamese, so it didn't worry 
me.  Fool that I am, I asked him to order for me.  He ordered a soup that contained 
tripe.  I mentally gagged, then thought I had to go through with it.  When the three 
soups came, each of theirs was topped with a big sprig of fresh basil; my soup was 
basil-less.  He called the waitress over and asked why I didn't get any basil.  She 
said that the Americans didn't eat it.  The faculty member said, "THIS one will."  So 
after I got my fresh basil, I knew I had to eat the tripe soup. Thankfully, the tripe 
was cut into very small pieces, so I didn't have to really chew it, just kind of 
swallow.  The rest of the soup (veggies and broth) was fine, so I got through it. 
However, I wouldn't order it again!