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[at-l] 2 Tangs [OT]

Not quite; oh, I may very well BE a smartass...but I did answer the question 
more specifically the last time the matter came up. ANYway, my stock 
response to the allegation is: "it's better than being a dumbass". Funny 
thing about that is, most folx take that as if I called them such. Don't be 
one of those, 'K?
-"Camo" (New Year's Baby/Smartass and proud of it...)
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That's probably why you aren't on the list.

You remind me of an old friend from my Army days. "Tom, would you like
coffee, tea or milk".
"Yes" he said.

You're both smart asses.

At 08:34 AM 4/8/2005 -0400, Jack wrote:
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>At 06:19 AM 4/8/2005 +0000, camojack@comcast.net wrote:
> >My birthday never DID "make the cut", either.
> >(And actually, it should come FIRST...)
> >
> >-"Camo"
>So... When is it? Jan. 1st, 2nd or 3rd?