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[at-l] Colorado Trail info

OK..it is a bit off the AT, but I know many (some?) of
you have expressed interest in doing the CT at some

This past week, met with a friend at local coffee shop
here in Boulder and we talked about my CT adventure
for three hours. As he plans on doing it this summer,
it was helpful.

I also thought "I should write all this stuff down".
Since I plan on doing a CT workshop at the ALDHA
GAthering this year, may as well get it done.

So, I posted a CT info doc. It is not everything you
need to know about the CT, but is a good place to

The formatting is a little funky in places[1] , but
the info is there and it looks like pretty good.
Should be a nice little doc for those planning the

It is in PDF format, so you need an Adodbe reader
(free download).

If you have questions, let me know.

[1] WARNING GEEKY STUFF AHEAD: Wrote the bulk of it on
Open Office for Red Hat in HTML format, wrote the rest
of it in Word, looked  a bit off. Converted it into to
.doc format, converted THAT to a .pdf file. Phew!
Surprised it even came out. :D

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