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[at-l] SuperVolcano?

At 01:40 PM 4/7/2005 -0400, Greg Brown wrote:
>>PS.  If anyone is really desperate to become hysterical about
>>cataclysmic endings, some scientists are attempting to predict the
>>likelihood of earth being destroyed (read, human life extinguished) by
>>an asteroid of sufficient mass colliding with earth.  They feel it is
>>inevitable, given an infinite amount of time, but just wish to
>>calculate when.  Boy, those scientists are a humorous lot.
>And we've had some close calls regarding large asteroids.  In July of
>2002 an asteroid roughly one mile across in size missed the early by
>75,000 miles.  Sounds like a large enough buffer but that is actually
>one third the distance between the moon and Earth.  In 1994 we had one
>the same size pass within 65k miles AND it flew between the moon and
>the Earth.

More recent (Jan. 2005) and closer yet a 16 foot one passed by just below 
the altitude where our geostationary satellites live. It wasn't even 
noticed until it had passed because it came from our cosmic blindspot 
(caused by the Sun).