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[at-l] SuperVolcano?


I recall an occasion when I was on the roof installing a television antenna. 
  I was taking a short break, enjoying the view to the west, and observed 
what I initially thought was a ?shooting star.?

Shooting stars are a ?dime-a-dozen.?  I mean, you can observe one if you 
watch any one section of the sky for just a few minutes.  This siting was 
different.  This was earlier in the day than you usually observe shooting 
stars, so I realized it must be much "brighter.?  It had to have been closer 
and/or larger than usual.

The news reported the next day a near-collision with something, I forget 
which object.

I was impressed that statistically I would usually have missed it, and there 
had been no publicized prediction of an imminent near collision.

?(W)e've had some close calls regarding large asteroids.  ...  I think I 
will take a hike to get my mind off this doom and gloom.?

Look at it now.  Remember it.  It may not be there tomorrow.

Or, ignore it.  We may not be here tomorrow.

  ;  - )