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[at-l] 2 Tangs

Please keep mine in your memory.  Oh ya I forgot you don't know when mine is.  I aint tellin either.  :>))

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> >>Felix is the birthday keeper? Lawdy, but what's this list coming 
> to? Hey Felix...can ya pass the list over? 
> >> 
> >there IS no list. I keep 'em in my memory...or, write 'em on my 
> >thigh..whichever seems to be appropriate. 
> Oh? and where was I writ? 
> just curious, mind... 
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Subject: [at-l] SuperVolcano?
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Hey I resemble that (a scientist).  I am with the group that 
thinks mankind will disappear in the next 50 to 100 years.  It 
will be a big break for the environment if we do go extinct.

Grey Owl

>PS.  If anyone is really desperate to become hysterical 
about cataclysmic 
>endings, some scientists are attempting to predict the 
likelihood of earth 
>being destroyed (read, human life extinguished) by an 
asteroid of sufficient 
>mass colliding with earth.  They feel it is inevitable, given 
an infinite 
>amount of time, but just wish to calculate when.  Boy, those 
scientists are 
>a humorous lot.
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