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[at-l] SuperVolcano?


Reference your post, dated 04-06-05, advising, ?There's a movie that's going 
to be shown on the Discovery Channel Sunday evening @ 8pm est.?

You ask, ?Anyone know anything about this??

I caught the tailend of an earlier broadcast.   It advises there have been a 
few such volcanoes in our geological history.  They are spaced fairly evenly 
apart.  The next prediction is for about now, with a variance of up to 
100,000 years in the future.

A lesser volcanic eruption occurred about 70,000 years ago - we humans are 
about 100,000 years old, if you don?t take the Bible as literally as some 
Biblical scholars - and almost extinguished us.

There is nothing we can do about it.

Take a hike.


PS.  If anyone is really desperate to become hysterical about cataclysmic 
endings, some scientists are attempting to predict the likelihood of earth 
being destroyed (read, human life extinguished) by an asteroid of sufficient 
mass colliding with earth.  They feel it is inevitable, given an infinite 
amount of time, but just wish to calculate when.  Boy, those scientists are 
a humorous lot.