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[at-l] SuperVolcano?

There's a movie that's going to be shown
on the Discovery Channel Sunday evening @ 8pm est. I don't watch 
hardly any TV, but I checked out the link.
Obviously, it's a movie of the "disaster" mode, which I don't care to see.

But - I had no idea Yellowstone National Park sat atop one of the 
earth's most active volcanoes - a "supervolcano" in the vernacular. 
Obviously, there are the geysers and hot springs and such, and it is 
active volcanically, but I didn't realize it had a chance to blow.

Anyone know anything about this? My friend who follows super volcanoes 
claims the probabilities of it exploding in the very near future are 
high. (:>) Obviously, the movie is playing on this, but are the 
chances for a soon explosion hype?

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