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[at-l] Oh My! More adventures [OT?]

(I like that in a gal)

Anyway, I know that recipe, too...
(But I prefer butterscotch syrup)


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> Sly wrote>> Oh look, a recipe page for the later...http://tinyurl.com/1ttn > 
> I've got such a recipe, but it calls for whipped cream and chocolate syrup and 
> it doesn't require any cooking--well it sorta does. 
> However, Ryan might boot me off the list if I shared the *exact* recipe 
> instructions. So, I'll just go back to researching the 
> meaning of words. 
> Tenacious Tanasi 
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Two things...

I was eating pizza with anchovies on the side last night. I, as I 
typically do when eating anchovies, got a bone stuck between my teeth. 
Odd thing was, it was a chicken bone. Figure that.

Why the hell hasn't someone wished Marsha a happy birthday yet?!? It's 
after 9 o'clock in the eastern time zone!!!

Felix J. McGillicuddy
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