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[at-l] Oh My! More adventures [OT?]

Was in Nakhom Phanom (Thailand) about 15 years ago - sampled many of the
native dishes - some of them will burn the holy mud out of you.  Walking
along the Mekong River you get to see just how many of the almost 3rd world
villagers live.  Had some kind of cat that one of the villagers was cooking
up.  Would like to visit there again.

Still have an unopened bottle of Mekong Whiskey - not sure I want to sample
after all these years.... Maybe I ought to eBay it.


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Ate rat in Thailand last month in Phrae - but it was farm raised for eating
and grain fed, not trapped. Too many bones, a bit like guinea pig. Also
tried silkworms and bamboo worms at a market in Chiang Mai. 
The silkworm was too squishy for my taste, but the bamboo worms weren't bad
at all. Crunchy and salty - like pork rinds.

Probably had monkey in Viet Nam - not sure.

- Greenbriar

WhoAh wrote:
> Had monkey in Jamaica back in the early 70's.... Tasted like chicken....
> WhoAh