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[at-l] Thruhiking Papers and journals

Jim & Ginny,

You have outdone yourselves on the website.  I started reading last night, and was up past 3 am without even realizing what time it
was.  I was so absorbed in it.  There were many aspects of my hopefully upcoming thruhike next year that I had not given conscious
thought to, but were still there in the back of my mind.  As I read through the pages those thoughts came to the fore and I began to
deal with many things that I had shamefully neglected to.

Perhaps others do not have to research or think so much about doing a thruhike as I do, and that's part of hiking their own hike.
But, in order for me to hike my own hike, part of my psyche or personality dictates that I must learn as much as I can concerning
the various aspects of a thruhike.  Now, don't get me wrong....I fully realize that no matter how much preparation that I do here at
home, the true test of self in the forms of mental, physical, and emotional strengths and weaknesses will happen out there on the
trail.  However, I do think that by learning more about something then I can better deal with it...be more flexible...more able to
adapt to those current situations.  And, that's just me.

There is much to mull over now--much enlightenment that I must wrap my head around.  

High praise to Spirit Eagle for such wonderful words of wisdom.  I still have a bit more to read, but I wanted to go ahead and thank
you for this work of art and sage words concerning thruhiking.  Thanks to the both of  you.

Tenacious Tanasi
   (Shelly Hale)

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