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[at-l] Oh My! More adventures [OT?]

> Hiking on the AT there isn't much chance that Horse or some foreign animal  
> will be eaten or served.  ... not Goat, ...
> Skylander

Goat meat is quite common in the DC area - it is always available in 
Shopper's Food Warehouse, for instance. We have a lot of immigrants in 
this area, and a lot of ethnic foods available.

I ate quite a bit of goat in India, where it is very popular, and also 
in Peru, China and the Carribean.

I do agree that pizza would probably be more in demand on the AT at this 
point in time - but that will change. When I grew up no one had ever 
heard of pizza. Pepperoni was considered garlicy and not propper for 
Americans to eat. Believe it or not, so was shrimp. Funny the difference 
a generation or so makes.

- Greenbriar