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[at-l] Exotic meats (was Oh My!)

>>Fairly normal fare on the AT.  I did notice some
>>"exotic" meats on the CDT 
>>from Elk, to Beefalo and Buffalo to Rocky Mountain
>>Oysters.  I stuck with 

Growing up, Dad was often invited by his work buddies
to go to a game dinner at the local rod and gun club.
I tagged along a couple of times.

Remember having venison, racoon, and bear. Sausage
made form venision I seem to re-call being rather
good. The bear was a bit greasy. The racoon was BBQ
style and quite yummy.

Since living in Colorado have tried buffalo (bison)
and elk.

I'd say out here bison/beefalo borders on the
mainstream. Many restaurants offer it and there are
quite a few ranches that raise bison and the beefalo

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