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[at-l] Oh My! More adventures [OT?]

I had horse meat while in Japan at a french restaurant.  I was 
confused, couldn't speak either French or Japanese, and one of the 
Japanese Lucent PMs suggested that I try it.  I asked if it was whale 
meat (something I still haven't tried) and he said "no" and that was 
good enough for me.  I should have asked more questions!  It was good, 
however I don't think I'll be ordering it again.

Later on I got to sample Kaegogi (dog meat) while in South Korea, 
though I was flat-out tricked into that one.  I didn't much care for 
dog meat, even when I didn't know what it was.  The soup base was good, 
but all Korean soups are (at least all that I have tried).

Ah, the fun on of International travel.


On Apr 6, 2005, at 11:09 AM, Gary Ticknor wrote:

> Zebra is also very tough, and tastes similar to beef, though not as 
> flavorful. Probably not that many zebra at the pole, though.
> - Greenbriar
>> In Portland, Oregon (many years ago) Carne de la Equine (horsemeat) 
>> was  sold in Supermarkets.  I remember that my mother-in-law prepared 
>> a meal  with it as the main course.  It was a tough cut of meat and 
>> needed stewing  or braising.  The flavor resembled beef but I prefer 
>> beef (NY Strip  Sirloin) as the flavor is better.  Animals provide 
>> good protein no matter  the species.   Skylander
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