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[at-l] Oh My! More adventures [OT?]

In a message dated 4/6/2005 11:10:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time,  
garyticknor@starpower.net writes:

Zebra is  also very tough, and tastes similar to beef, though not as  

I notice that in French Restaurants that they use a lot of sauces  to cover 
the flavor of meat.  I prefer my meat naked!  Well,  perhaps a chaste covering 
of Salt and Pepper and a high flame to sear the meat  but quickly taken off 
the grill before the inside of the steak cooks too  gray.  I like Red Meat!  
Almost raw but without the toughness of raw.  A deep red is good. The salt and 
pepper enhance the meaty flavor and tend  to bring out the good and juicy taste. 
 Those who prefer their meat "well  done" lose out on the good flavor of a 
rare piece of meat. I think that is the  reason good chefs do not guarantee the 
flavor of a well done (read cooked to  death) piece of steak.  
Zebra, and Horse might better be used for stewing or long cooking to break  
down the stringiness.  Of course, a good wine helps.