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[at-l] Oh My! More adventures [OT?]

Since they've ridden on every continent except Antarctica...I think it's high time they rode THERE, too.

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 Well, damn! 
 Just when I was starting to settle down, build a house and focus on business... 
 look what ATRerunner sent me 
 Mounted Adventure! 
 (down, Felichs, down) 
Long hikers, meet long riders 
 New Cottage Owner Shoester 
 AT Journal: 
 Jan Leitschuh Sporthorses Ltd. 
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Subject: [at-l] NOBO Thruhike Start Dates 
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Sounds like a yearly send-off crew. Yeeeehaaaaa. 
Ok, who is on board for 2007?   lol
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  In a message dated 4/4/2005 12:26:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time, gadog430@charter.net writes:
    Shelly, whenever it is, there are a bunch that will be there ala 'Frank Go
    To Bed.'
    YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You couldn't get us to leave if you tried.
    (I know you find intense comfort in that...lololol)


  Whenever it is, I'll be there!