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[at-l] Outdoor Research Advanced Bivy

I use an OR Advanced Bivy Shelter as my shelter on section hikes.  I
split time between it and shelters on the AT, and over my dozen years or
so of using it I've never actually set up in hard rain.  For me, it's a
good lightweight option to use when I'm in a position to pick and choose
my nights in it, but if I were to thruhike I would take something with a
little more room in it that could provide some cover for gear.

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I wanted to send out a request for reviews of the Outdoor Research 
Advanced Bivy.  The reviews I am finding on-line are short on detail 
and facts.  I am curious how comfortable you were sleeping in the Bivy 
and would you recommend the use of a bivy over a waterproof sleeping 
bag/tent combination?