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[at-l] so...let me ask you this...

Lee fix...

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 Nina wrote: 
> > ... Does anything 
> > besides "double-helix" rhyme with Felix? 
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> > Waterfall 
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 Free licks? 
 - Greenbriar From art at crystalacresnh.com  Mon Apr  4 22:05:04 2005
From: art at crystalacresnh.com (Art Cloutman)
Date: Mon Apr  4 23:26:17 2005
Subject: [at-l] One Year ago Today
Message-ID: <a06010200be77b6f11cc3@[]>

One year ago today(4/04/05) I left Black Gap Shelter with 
Aprilshowers, Trainman, Hoover, and Ladybug to begin my great 
adventure from Springer Mountain.  Bonespur joined our group at the 
FS42 parking lot hiking with us to Hickery Flats Cemetery where that 
awesome trail angel, Pittsburgh, brought us water and food and camped 
with us for our first night on the AT.  I hiked assuming I could do 
it alone but never felt so lonesome as when all of those who started 
with me had either left the trail or walked on ahead after the great 
party given to us at Tray Gap.  I should have known that new friends 
were waiting at the next shelter, Tray Mountain.

I discovered that separation from family and friends hurt more than 
muscle strain, sprained ankles, hiker rash, rain storms, snow, rocks, 
heat and everything else the trail threw at me.  My best days were 
days with friends and my lowest days occured when friends moved on 
ahead or dropped behind.  It was friends like Bill and Julie, 
Goosebump,  Poky, Burnie, Flava and Rainbow  that pulled me out of 
the low days and kept me walking.  It was Friends at home and 
strangers, it was members of AT-L who signed my guest book and sent 
me email.  Like  James Jones, Liteshoe, earthworm, and many more.

The hike was everything I expected.  But what I didn't expect was how 
much I needed and enjoyed the friends I found along the way.  People 
are what make the AT such a special trail.  I miss it terribly.